My Priorities


  • Financial: dynamic, responsible and efficient

In order to keep NU accessible, the budget must be dynamic, responsible, and efficient. The Regents must be good stewards of taxpayer dollars and continually search for cutting edge advancements allowing scarce resources to be efficiently allocated to the University’s most important assets: its faculty and students.

  • Students: offering a meaningful pathway

Universities can alter the trajectory of students' lives.  Students need meaningful internships which create pathways to a successful career, and challenging courses that will push them to excel. Successful graduates add vibrancy to our State. The University must be accessible to all, affordable, and unwavering in its commitment to quality education.

  • Professors: faculty are the foundation

Professors are the face of the University and have a profound impact on the student’s experience. We must recruit, provide appropriate resources and compensation to retain the best talent globally.

  • Research:  healing and innovation

NU's research can save and change lives. We need to continue to expand our efforts to bring in research dollars by leveraging our fiscal power, our human resources, and our mission. Not only do we educate doctors, nurses, dentists, clinicians, and surgeons that care for us and our children, but also those who develop life-saving medicine and technology.  Our students and professors also develop the agricultural technology necessary to feed the world, secure our nation's information technology infrastructure, and lead research in countless other areas that benefit our state.

  • Future:  retaining talent

It is well documented that Nebraska is facing a brain drain: we often lose too many of our most promising young people.  It is critical for our economic development to find a way to keep that talent within our state.  We need to ensure that Nebraska is a place where their dreams can come true and they can lead a life of impact, innovation, and value.